"Knowledgeable and experienced. Great guidance and instruction



What It Is

A deeply transformative series of

1-on-1 sessions

to support the healing of the whole self and elevate one's meditation practice.

During our sessions, I'll help you identify the root causes of any emotional imbalances then provide you with the practical tools and techniques to finally master your mind and live in harmony!

What's Included

  • 1 Hour Sessions every 1-2 weeks (online or in-person)

  • Personalized Guided Meditation & Breathing Exercises

  • On-the-Call Support, per availability

The Results

  • Identify the Causes of Triggers & Waves of Intense Emotion

  • Learn Breathing Techniques to Balance your Emotions

  • Channel Negative Energy via Creative Expression

  • Increase Focus and Deepen Your Concentration

  • Gain a Much More Solid Connection to Self

Contact me for pricing and to schedule your sessions!